Scene begins with Shivraj gifting special night tickets for Switzerland to KT and Preeti, everybody grins aside from Neelima and Nandini, KT ask Shivraj that what is the need of gifting these? To which Shivraj answered that after their marriage they couldn’t ready to make the most of their experience with one another so they can invest some quality energy in this get-away.

KT takes a gander at Preeti who consented to go, he inquire as to whether she truly needs to go to switzerland on their special first night? He continues accentuating the word special first night! while Neel ask him not to embaress Preeti by rehashing something very similar. Preeti expressed that it’s her fantasy objective, she shows her energy while Nandini gets stunned, Neelima provoked Preeti for having such enormous dreams while Shivraj intruded on her and help the air.

Preeti was going to her room when Nandini gotten her hands and ask what’s going on with she? She inquire as to why she acknowledged to go to special first night with KT and reminds her about the guarantee which she had made. Preeti says that she remembers evrything and is doing this for Nandini just, she pronounces that Nandini will go with KT on the special night yet request that Nandini imagine as though Preeti is obliging KT, Nandini gestures to her arrangement and goes, she smiles and thinks how silly Preeti is that she is herself offering KT to her while Preeti feels that this is the best way to get reality out of Nandini.

Preeti adversaries inside her room and shudders with the cool environment, she attempts to discover the AC far off to turn it off when KT comes there and causes her to sit on the couch, he ask that how she will bear the cold of Switzerland? He laughs saying that he knows her well and ask what’s the thing she is stowing away from him!


She grins saying nothing and shows her fervor to go to Switzerland, she says that she will move on the day off he chuckles catching wind of her longings. She says that she isn’t feeling cold yet he sees her shuddering and insults her in an interesting manner, he turns off the AC and wraps her with the cover while she keeps on shuddering, he goes to kitchen to make some espresso for her while she called him and request that not do it as she is fine however he request that she unwind and keeps mixing the espresso, he gets some thought and blended little Brandy (liquor) into the espresso and offers it to Preeti, she devours it and grins.

He views at her as she eliminates her cover and sits stands up, she draws near to him and starts snickering, he likewise giggles with her and imagines that perhaps she is in liquor impact. She moves around the room and continues saying about their excursion. She jumps on the bed and tosses all the papers, he attempts to stop her yet she continues gabbing about their outing, he by one way or another controls her and request that she sit discreetly till he brings water for her, she gestured and falls on the bed. He gives her water container to drink yet she pours it down.

Sneha educated Neel concerning meeting Maheshwari’s for his partnership while he gets stunned and says that he isn’t prepared for the marriage, she request that he converse with Neelima as she just take all the choices, she told about how Neelima didn’t consented to take her to see collusion for him and goes from that point while Neel holds his head thinking what to do.

Preeti changed into dark saree and starts moving because of liquor impact (Chor Bazaari plays) she shakes her legs and hops on the lounge chair while KT gets stunned seeing her and attempts to control yet she made him dance alongside her.

He at long last surrenders and both t

tears the cushion tossing it onto one another, they tumbles down on the bed and had an eyelock. Preeti takes a gander at him while he likewise turns towards her, she says that she needs to disclose to him some mystery while he grins and request that she proceed, she slutters while he makes her rest on the pad and eliminates the quill from her face, she taps her head and request that she close her eyes, he swtiches off the light and gets chosen the lounge chair shutting his eyes.

Preeti looks for him and looks towards him, she says that she needed to disclose to him that she began feeling something towards him and can do anything for him, she says that how significant he is for her, she keeps expressing that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what this inclination is nevertheless she adores his affable nature and haven’t actually observed a person like him, she grins looking constantly towards him while he opens his eyes looking straight towards her, she gets dazed for some time and flickers her eyes while he continues gazing her (Ik Tara tune plays) Read More……..