The Episode begins with Shivraj requesting that KT and Preeti fill the visa application and go for the visa meet. KT inquires as to why. Shivraj says I m sending you both to Switzerland for the special night, proceed to appreciate. Nandini figures Preeti will can’t. KT asks what was the need. Preeti expresses gratitude toward Shivraj. KT asks would you like to go to Switzerland on special night. Neil asks KT not to humiliate Preeti by posing a similar inquiry. Preeti says its my fantasy objective, I loved Switzerland watching it in Sridevi’s film. Neelima/Kushala insults Preeti. Shivraj jokes on her unpleasant words. He says dreams have no age or end. KT approaches Preeti to plan for the special night.

Nandini asks Preeti what did she guarantee him, that she will end KT and her distance. Preeti says you and KT will go on special night with the goal that your disparities

end. Nandini asks truly. Preeti says truly, I will unite both of you and disappear, conceal this from KT. Nandini says obviously. She grins. She thinks Preeti is a major blockhead to make a particularly large penance. Preeti thinks I need to know your reality by giving you this insatiability, I realize you are playing a major event, its demon to know your fact, this time my strike will be unique. She comes to room. She feels cold and sees the AC on. KT comes and asks in what manner will you oversee it when you feel cold in Switzerland, what’s at the forefront of your thoughts, advise me. She figures I can’t come clean with you until I discover Nandini’s reality. She says its my youth dream to move in the snow mountains. KT giggles and asks truly, you will get chilled there. He turns off the AC. He requests that Preeti cover herself. She shudders. He says I will get espresso for you. She says I m fine, I don’t need espresso. She calls him and says I don’t need espresso. He says unwind, don’t contend, you will be fine, I m coming. He makes some espresso. He adds liquor in the espresso. He says your virus will be gone at this point. He takes the espresso for Preeti. She drinks it. He asks are you feeling alright, will you go to Switzerland for vacation. He snickers. She grins.

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Air Date: 02 January 2021

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