Around then couple of mens comes there and yells at Preeti and KT for romancing in nursery. They tosses alligations on them for having extra conjugal issue and reprimands them for double-crossing their life partners. KT approaches to protect themselves however the mens request that he have some disgrace. KT calls Neel and request that he send his and Preeti’s marriage pictures and declaration. He shows it to those folks while they gestures and diverts to go from that point however Preeti halted them and inquire as to why they have such wrong insight for affection? She causes them to comprehend the significance of affection through god Radhakrishna romantic tale. She states about the difficulty of life in a cold marriage while the mens apologized to her and leaves.

KT appreciates Preeti for her assertion while she disclosed to him that how she have felt living in a cold marriage for 25years. She gets passionate sympathizing with her agony while KT comforts her. “O Sainyaan melody plays” KT holds Preeti’s hand defensively and takes her alongside him while she continues to gaze at him affectionately.

Preeti advised about er discussion with KT to Neelima while she gets cheerful and guidance Preeti to make next stride in their relationship. She says that KT have confronted such countless things from quite a while ago and just Preeti can assist him with beating it. She encourages Preeti to prepare for her extraordinary night with KT while Preeti gets anxious. KT hears their discussion and gets paralyzed.

KT sees Neel enhancing his space for the exceptional evening and considers an arrangement. He wears a hoodie and goes down. He damanged the wire of his room while Neel got and pose inquiries him for doing it. KT denies to tell so Neel extorts him that he will advise about it to Preeti. KT stops him saying that he would prefer not to tell Preeti about his genuine emotions that he is simply acting to be infatuated with her. Neel gets stunned while KT plunks down alongside Neel.

KT says that he deceived Preeti about his emotions as he can’t cherish her while Neel request the explanation! On the opposite side worker advises everybody about the issue in KT’s climate control system and pronounces that it will gets fix following 2-3 days. Neelima apologized to Preeti as her extraordinary night got ruined entire Preeti looks on.

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