Scene begins with Rati inciting Tarun against Preeti while he proclaims that he won’t let his mom wed again and starts hauling Preeti with him however kusum immediately halted him and attempts to persuade Preeti saying that consistently another person have taken choice for her life yet this time she should take her own choice for her bliss as KT cherishes her a ton while Preeti continues taking a gander at her, Tarun intruded on kusum and takes a lost Preeti alongside him.

On the opposite side Nandini says that keertan is simply acting to show his displeasure towards her, she pronounces that he don’t cherish Preeti and by filling hairline one can’t get hitched, she continue demanding him to wed her while he simply stop, Arjun goes towards Neelima and questions that why his dad isn’t tolerating him? Nandini says to KT that their splendid future is hanging tight for them and was going to drag him when he twitched her hands yelling to stop her dramatization as he cherishes Preeti and will wed her lone, he further proclaims that everything among Nandini and him gets over 17years before as it were,

while Nandini incites him saying everybody he cherishes disregards him simply like Preeti who would not wed him while he leaves from that point. Tarun continues taking Preeti alongside him while she recollects KT’s admission and stops, around then KT comes there and says that he needs to converse with preeti yet Tarun begins yelling at him, kusum comes there and approaches Tarun and Rati requesting that KT converse with preeti as it’s truly significant.

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Neelima continues crying asking Shivraj to persuade KT while he ask that how might she uphold Nandini? he advises her that how she have broken KT, to which Neelima says that she is prepared to fail to remember everything as she just thinks about her grandkid Arjun while shivraj says that Nandini have just said deceives them and ask Neelima not to trust her on Arjun’s issue likewise, Neelima takes a gander at him.

KT spills his guts before Preeti saying that he was getting terrible instincts about his previous existence since certain days and he was additionally upset by the way that he was unable to have the option to consider Preeti to be this venture as she have chosen to leave shaadi mubarak thus something happened to him and he filled her hairline. He sists next to her and get some information about him that he will be separated from everyone else or Nandini will ridicule him on the off chance that she won’t wed him and ask her that she should take her own choice which will fulfill her,

he further says that he thoroughly comprehend that she would prefer not to wed him thus she have all the option to leave him and deny the engagement proposition while she wipes ber tears and takes a gander at him, he controls his tears and says that he won’t fall into melancholy or hurt himself as now he is solid and underscore her to take her own choice without anybody’s impact, he gets up and apologized to her platitude that he can never manage raising a ruckus to her (ik tara pitiful adaptation plays) Preeti takes a gander at him while he goes and she continue considering Kusum’s words.

Visitors begins clicking KT’s photos and ridicules him while Neelima again attempts to persuade him, Panditji inquire as to whether marriage will happen today or not? To which KT begins harming the beautifications saying it won’t occur and request that everybody go as he will consistently stay alone, around then Preeti stops him holding his hand firmly, kusum grins seeing them while KT and Preeti loses all sense of direction in one another, Preeti takes a gander at their held hands and recollects her words that she will consistently uphold KT.