The Episode begins with Preeti saying I will consistently keep your trust. Neelima says demonstrate that your child didn’t take it. Preeti says fine, I will demonstrate it, take the jewelry. Neelima says I will take the accessory when you demonstrate reality. KT wipes Preeti’s tears. He says I can’t see your tears, it harms me. Neil helps Priyanka. He asks what was the need to do this, you had cracked your leg, it was a major profession opportunity. She says you didn’t confide in me, I picked you between my profession and you. He says I told that out of frustration, regardless of whether you went to UK, I would have not questioned you, I would have upheld you, love implies that, I will consistently lament that you left this open door as a result of me, apologies. She says I feel glad for our affection. He says guarantee me, you won’t lose such open door once more. She

says I guarantee, you will pick me when you fall in such situation. He says obviously, I guarantee. Sneha comes to Neelima.

Juhi comes and welcomes. Neelima requests that she book a table in the café, they need to discuss Neil’s partnership with Maheshwaris. She insults about Preeti. She says we need great family line for Neil. Sneha says I will prepare, I m Neil’s mum. Neelima says we will deal with it, I would prefer not to take swarm with me. She goes. Sneha gets dismal.

Preeti sees the until papdi. She asks did you request it. KT requests that she eat it. She says I don’t eat it since Juhi’s occurrence. He says Juhi is fine, you are additionally fine, so until papdi will be fine, pardon it currently, lets make another beginning. She tastes it. He says its reality’s best correct. She says indeed, its extra crunchy. He says I followed the formula. She asks did you make it. He chuckles. He says it was a shock for you, you told about Juhi, I thought to do this for you. She joyfully cries. He says I made this for you, for what reason are you crying, did dislike it, I won’t make it once more. She says you filled my heart with joy unique, nobody did this for me, I will consistently recall this day. He says I m happy, you did a great deal for me, truly, you made numerous days exceptional for me, I won’t broil the until/sesame seeds a lot. They have the papdi and grin. She proceeds to see Arjun.

She fakes a call to the lab for the container tests. Arjun hears it and figures mother will be caught, no, I can’t allow this to occur. He goes to KT’s room. He says I trust this arrangement works and fingerprints vanish. Preeti comes and stops him. She turns on the lights. She says you went to Tarun with Neelima’s accessory to request advance, don’t deceive me, come clean. He says indeed, I went to Tarun, I have taken it. She inquires as to for what reason did you go. He says I disdain you, KT gives you more pixie, I need him to loathe you, so I did this to make you fall in his sight. KT comes and asks what should I do, its a charming amazement. Preeti says nothing, he is asking school timings. KT says I thought its some genuine issue. Preeti asks what will I converse with him. KT asks sure.

Ajrun says yes. He gets a call. He asks what’s this jug. Preeti says glass cleaning arrangement. KT goes. Preeti says Arjun, I have concealed reality from KT, not to save you, but rather on the grounds that I can’t see him miserable, when his trust breaks, you can’t get it back, KT loves you a great deal, in the event that you do anything incorrectly, at that point he will be harmed, consider it, he is doing a ton for your satisfaction, you got a major family and everything, don’t hurt his heart, don’t do whatever you lose this joy, that harms KT. Arjun goes.

Preeti figures for what reason did Nandini pass on, is she playing a game with me, did I commit an error by confiding in her, I need to discover. She goes to check Nandini’s room. Nandini comes. Preeti stows away. Nandini goes. Preeti gets Nandini’s telephone and checks. She peruses Rati’s message… I trust the arrangement worked, did KT toss out Preeti from the house, you will end up being the family bahu as you needed. She says it implies Nandini and Rati arranged this and utilized Tarun, it implies Nandini is acting acceptable, she didn’t transform, she has same speculation to hurt others, for what reason did she return, what’s her intention.


Nandini stops Preeti. She asks are you attempting to become Mrs. Tibrewal. Preeti says you and KT will go on special night. Nandini thinks Preeti is a particularly enormous moron. Preeti thinks I need to locate your intention.

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Air Date: 02 January 2021

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