The Episode begins with Arjun coming to Tarun at the bank. He says I need credit. Tarun thinks he is KT and Nandini’s child. Arjun gives the neckband. Tarun says OK, show your id confirmation. Arjun says I don’t have it. Tarun says we need to affirm in the event that you are more than 18 years. Arjun says I m 17 years of age. Tarun says sorry, you need to get your folks for their marks. Arjun disappears. Tarun says tune in, take the neckband. Rati comes and says you failed to remember the tiffin today, amazing, whose accessory is this. Tarun says KT’s child got it.

KT says I will make until papdi for Preeti, she used to adore it, yet quit having it. He recounts the story. Neelima says request that some worker make it. KT says no, I need to make it for her, she does a great deal for me, you can help me by guarding the kitchen, Preeti shouldn’t

come here. Sneha says sure. KT says I love you mother. Neelima says love you as well. They go.

Rati asks are you certain, he is KT’s child, for what reason does he need cash. Tarun says truly, for what reason did he come here. She says you should go to Preeti and advise her, he would be in worry over his folks. He says we ought not get into their issue. Rati says you ought to do this to get brought up in their sight, you will be accused later, you remember that Preeti is Mrs. Tibrewal now. He says truly, I will accomplish something. Rati considers Nandini and says our arrangement has worked.

Tarun meets Preeti. She asks how are you. He shows the neckband. She asks how could you get it. He says Arjun got this to office, he needed advance, I requested ID confirmation, he left it and fled, I will go. He leaves. Preeti calls KT. He says sorry, I can’t answer your call, I will meet you actually. Preeti approaches Sneha for KT. Sneha says KT went to office. Preeti says fine. Nandini looks on. Neil returns home. He sees Kusum sitting tragic that Priyanka isn’t traveling to another country. Kusum requests that Neil come. Neil asks what occurred. Kusum shows Priyanka accompanying a foot sprain. He says she got injured. Neil reviews Priyanka’s words. He thinks she had broken her leg to try not to go to US. Sneha says jewelry is no place. Everybody stresses. KT says unwind, neckband would be at home itself. Nandini says we will check CCTV film, we will realize who had come and who left. Shivraj says right. They check the cctv film.

They see Tarun with the accessory. Sneha says even Rati came to meet Preeti, she was pressurizing Preeti to give an occupation to Tarun in our organization. Neelima says Preeti needs to make place for her youngsters, she simply needs the cash. Preeti says Tarun didn’t take, the accessory is here. Neelima asks how could you get this accessory. Preeti says I need to answer KT in private. Neelima says its simple to do wizardry on KT, you need to respond to us. KT requests Preeti to tell the issue in front from everybody.

Preeti says hear me out once. Neelima says it will be anything but difficult to persuade KT, we will make a phony story to save your child, its enough. Preeti says my child didn’t do anything. Neelima asks who did it. Preeti says Arjun did. They get stunned. Preeti reveals to them everything. Nandini says enough Preeti, how could you accuse my child, Arjun was with me throughout the day shopping. Arjun says you are accusing me to save your child. Neelima chastens Preeti. Arjun asks KT would he be able to take something, respond to me. KT says I realize you can’t take, Preeti would make them misjudge. Preeti says Tarun advised me. KT asks did you consent to that, we can’t confide in Tarun, the one who can’t regard his mother, how might you confide in him. She says my child is right today, he came to give me this neckband. KT says Arjun can’t take it, what’s the need.

Preeti says perhaps on the grounds that I prevented you from giving him 30000rs, you ought to clarify Arjun. KT says Arjun needn’t bother with cash, you prevented me from giving 30000rs, I gave him 60000rs, he needn’t bother with cash. She asks do you know the outcome, you are ruining him, you are full grown. She says Nandini, you ought to clarify the estimation of cash to your child, and show him the correct way. Nandini says don’t cross your cutoff points. Neelima says we as a whole know your childhood, your child had tossed you out of your home, I feel your talk on childhood is a joke.

She says Preeti doesn’t care for Arjun, own blood is own, stepson will be stepson. Preeti asks KT does he think she is against Arjun. KT says no, I confide in you totally. Neelima says you mean Arjun did the burglary. KT says no, I confide in Arjun and Preeti additionally, Preeti loves Juhi and Tarun, I m sure she thinks about Arjun likewise, what we feel from heart can never be clearly false, I can indiscriminately confide in Preeti, she can’t lie. Preeti expresses gratitude toward him for confiding in her. Neelima says demonstrate that your child didn’t take it.


Arjun hears Preeti settling on a decision for completing lab tests. Arjun goes to clean the fingerprints. She gets him. Preeti checks Nandini’s telephone. She peruses Nandini and Rati’s visit. She figures Nandini didn’t change, what might be her intention.

Air Date : 1 January, 2021

January 1, 2021 : Shaadi Mubarak Today Episode Start with..In Progress…