Next you see that Prati is planning to discredit Preity’s character while Koti is thinking of telling all her truth to Preeta as soon as possible then we see that Preeta is decorating there for the function And then when Koti comes to help her, she says that no one has explained to the wedding planner how to do the designing, then molds herself as Tarzan while Peeta smiles and agrees. .

Then we see that Koti goes to Preeti and asks her with Preity while Gaya is seen seeing her here and that Ritu keeps a close watch on her if someone hears her apologizing. Then we see that in a moment Preeti is about to fall from school and grade but to save her she balances herself when she asks him if she will fall or not because she is trying to save him like a hero.

Waits completely and then she says that this heroine can save herself and she comes down then flowers fall on her and Koti starts laughing and tells Preeta that if anyone If you see them in this way, then his character will be absolutely infamous. Kusum then asks Juhi to tell me what Preity likes? To which she thinks and also answers that Preeti always do to me what others love and never tell anyone about her choice but later she says that the victim is very fond of eating rabri.

We later see that Koti starts her practice while Baldev comes there and asks her to focus on mental health and physically refuses and is trying to wear her kurta which is his body. Potti helps him and asks him to do some body movements to fit his clothes. Then we see that Kusum comes over there and Koti becomes very happy. Talking about the choice about the remains, then she says that Preeta likes it very much.

Then we see that the function starts and everybody claps, everyone congratulates them on their anniversary for completing 50 years of Preeta Bua and Fufa, while Juhi also dances on Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Preya and Kusum also dance with Hua Fu to Hua Hua when the partner is having fun and later everyone joins them.

Next we see that the turmeric function is released when the light goes off completely. Preeti goes in quickly to check it and keeps the rabri as soon as she likes it, then we see the same The time light comes on and Preeti comes back to the hall. Preeti is asking Preeti about her no ring while Bua saw it glued to the color and Preeti goes to the Chowk.