FB begins Rajeshwari and her sibling visits Pattama’s home. She slaps Pavani requesting that she fail to remember her child. She tears down Pavani and their family. She takes steps to execute Pavani and her family on the off chance that she doesn’t quit conversing with her child. She leaves. FB closes. Pattama says Pavani endeavored self destruction as Rajeshwari took steps to execute her and her family.

Mahesh additionally left the nation dreading his mother. Adhi and Parvathi guarantee her that they will make happen Pavani and Mahesh marraige. Pattama says they can’t bear Rajeshwari outrage. She tells she will get hitched Pavani via looking through a decent kid. Parvathi asks her not to take any choice in rush. Pattama demands them to leave this issue. Adhi says she’s terrified so she’s talking that way. They will discuss this issue later. They disappear.

Perumal comes to meet Akhila. Perumal discloses to Akhila he has come to give an uplifting news about Adhi and Akhila. The last inquires as to whether they sent any directive for her through him. Read More….