The scene begins with Adhi and Parvathi visiting the emergency clinic. They support Pattama. Specialist advises them Pavani, Pattama’s great little girl was saved. Pattama reproves Pavani for making such stride. Adhi and Parvathi question Pavani why she enjoyed that. Pavani says she adores a kid, named Mahesh, who has a place with a rich family yet her mother Rajeshwari is against their adoration. She has sent her child to another country to isolate them.

Otherside a rich lady is demonstrated getting down from a vehicle. Parvathi inquires as to whether the kid was genuine. Pavani says he adores her truly yet he can’t conflict with his mother. Parvathi advices her to be patient and battle for her adoration. Adhi says as Rajeshwari is from out of Chennai, she may take set individuals here to isolate their affection. Otherside Rajeshwari visits Akhila. It’s uncovered that Akhila and Rajeshwari are companions. They have a well disposed discussion. Rajeshwari acquaint her sibling Ratnam with Akhila. Rajeshwari says she wishes to get hitched his child Mahesh to a young lady from Adhikadavur family. Akhila consents to scan a young lady for Mahesh and do his marriage. At emergency clinic, Parvathi asks again if Mahesh is truly adores her. Pavani says Mahesh resembles Adhi, sensible so she had succumbed to him.

She says she can’t survive without him. Parvathi requests that she be solid and battle for her affection till the end. In the event that Mahesh is in her destiny, nobody can transform it. Adhi and Parvathi leave with Pattama. Pattama communicates her despondency for Parvathi supporting Pavani’s affection. Parvathi says cherishing somebody is right however adoring an off-base individual isn’t right. Pattama says she doesn’t if that kid is acceptable individual or terrible, yet his mother is awful. It won’t exercise as they’re rich. Adhi advises like his mother began to acknowledge his and Parvathi’s affection, Mahesh mother will likewise acknowledge her child’s adoration one day.

Pattama tells not contrast Rajeshwari and Akhila. Rajeshwari is liable for her Pavani’s state. She mentions to them what occurred. FB begins Rajeshwari and her sibling visits Pattama’s home. She slaps Pavani requesting that she fail to remember her child. She tears down Pavani and their family. She takes steps to execute Pavani and her family on the off chance that she doesn’t quit conversing with her child. She leaves. FB closes. Pattama says Pavani endeavored self destruction as Rajeshwari took steps to execute her and her family. Mahesh additionally left the nation dreading his mother. Adhi and Parvathi guarantee her that they will make happen Pavani and Mahesh marraige. Pattama says they can’t bear Rajeshwari outrage. She tells she will get hitched Pavani via looking through a decent kid. Parvathi asks her not to take any choice in rush.

Pattama demands them to leave this issue. Adhi says she’s terrified so she’s talking that way. They will discuss this issue later. They disappear. Perumal comes to meet Akhila. Perumal discloses to Akhila he has come to give an uplifting news about Adhi and Akhila. The last inquires as to whether they sent any directive for her through him.