The scene begins with Akhila telling Adhi is her blood and he can do nothing incorrectly. Akhila at that point takes a gander at Parvathi. She reviews her first gathering with Parvathi. The last gets enthusiastic. Vanaja goes to the sanctuary. She watches them from far. Akhila tells she performed puja by taking a chance with her life.

She and Adhi saved her as well as save Adhikadavur family’s regard. Parvathi requests that Akhila’s authorization talk. Akhila requests that she talk. Parvathi says she was unable to accept that she’s chatting with her. She’s consistently a similar Parvathi who is faithful to her. Parvathi will review Akhila’s condition:

Parvathi shouldn’t ask anything to Akhila when they will meet. Parvathi further advises she never needed to conflict with her. She will never request that she acknowledge her. She will go to that house when Akhila will acknowledge her wholeheartedly. She will never conflict with her desire. Arun and Purushotaman are annoyed with Parvathi’s choice while Vanaja is glad.

Parvathi requests that Akhila favor her. Akhila favors Parvathi by putting her hand on her head. She gives Parvathi saree and gems. Akhila takes a gander at Adhi prior to leaving. Adhi and Parvathi return home. Janu and Perumal come there. Parvathi cheerfully shares with them that Akhila favored her. Perumal inquires as to whether Akhila hasn’t called her to her home. Purushotaman comes there. He tells regardless of whether Akhila had called her, Parvathi would’ve consented to come. Perumal asks what he’s adage. Purushotaman asks Parvathi for what valid reason she didn’t request that Akhila acknowledge her.

He inquires as to whether she would not like to return home. He says she has botched a decent chance. Adhi says he will clarify him.Paravthi tells that Akhila had put a condition: she shouldn’t request anything when they will meet. She tells Akhila may be frightened that she will request to acknowledge her as her little girl in-law so she had put that condition. Parvathi tells she wishes that Akhila acknowledge her however she would not like to forfeit her confidence for the equivalent. Adhi reveals to Parvathi not to demand Akhila to acknowledge her. He says he underpins her choice. Read more…