Sundaravalli gets befuddled. She requests that they clarify. Purushottam informs her regarding what occurred. Sundaravalli says Akhila loves Parvathi simultaneously she’s irate with her as she might suspect Parvathi sold out her.

Sundaravalli guarantees them that they join Akhila and Parvathi. Sundaravalli gets cheerful hearing the equivalent. She discloses to Adhi found an ideal counterpart for him and she prefers Parvathi. She educates Akhila mustn’t have advised her concerning their marriage as she’s against it. Purushotaman requests that her assistance cause Akhila to acknowledge her.

Sundaravalli tells she will join them in about fourteen days. Sundaravalli inquires as to why Akhila doesn’t care for Parvathi. Purushotaman and Vadivel says Akhila likes Parvathi.