The scene begins with Vanaja slapping Singaravellan for calling her by her name. She reproves him and requests to give her the very regard that he provides for Akhila and Sundaravalli. Singaravellan requests that she move another room as a visitor will come to remain here. Vanaja will not empty the room. Arun and Vadivel reprimands him in entertaining endlessly for not having the option to get that room. They reveal to him they need that space for Adhi and Parvathi. Singaravellan reveals to them an arrangement.

Vanaja is bothered, as there’s no sign in her portable. Singaravellan brings milk for Vanaja. He saya he will retaliate for the slap. He gives her milk and furthermore a dozing pill. He says she can have a tranquil rest in particular on the off chance that she takes dozing pill. Vanaja inquires as to whether he’s pulling any prank on her with the goal that she will clear the room.

Purushottam tells the conditions are that way. He further tells he has full certainty that they will joyfully take off from this house as one family. Adhi and Parvathi look unsure. Purushottam and Vadivel state Sundaravalli will change Akhila’s heart. They take Adhi and Parvathi from the rear of the house.

They get dazed on seeing Sundaravalli. Parvathi looks terrified. Sundaravalli asks Adhi for what good reason he’s coming from rear. She at that point asks who she is taking a gander at Paravthi. Adhi says she’s his significant other. Sundaravalli is astounded. She asks when he got hitched. Vadivel discloses to Adhi wedded Parvathi conflicting with Akhila. He further tells Parvathi is the girl of their driver Sundaram.

Sundaravalli gets cheerful hearing the equivalent. She discloses to Adhi found an ideal counterpart for him and she prefers Parvathi. She educates Akhila mustn’t have advised her concerning their marriage as she’s against it. Purushotaman requests that her assistance cause Akhila to acknowledge her. Sundaravalli tells she will join them in about fourteen days. Sundaravalli inquires as to why Akhila doesn’t care for Parvathi. Purushotaman and Vadivel says Akhila likes Parvathi.