Vanaja requests that they stop. Vanaja reprimands Parvathi. She censures Parvathi for running Akhilandeshwari’s standing. The group upholds Parvathi. They state Parvathi saved Akhilandeshwari’s standing. They mention to Akhila what occurred. The croud says Parvathi saved a young lady’s life and expanded Akhila’s standing. Adhi murmurs to Parvathi that he was right, there’s an Akhila inside her. She tells she’s as of now terrified whta Akhila will say. Akhila favors the couple.

Vanaja brings Adhi and Parvathi’s photograph outline. She says she won’t let Parvathi and Adhi return here. She hangs the photograph outline on the divider. Aishwarya sees it from higher up. She thinks last time when Adhi and Parvathi photograph outline was held tight the divider, Adhi and Parvathi went out. She stresses what will happen this time. Read More….