The present scene begins with Kathir saying to Kuberan that she used to drink Badham milk subsequent to taking strolling. She will get it. Kuberan stops her and says she can stand by here he will proceed to get it for her. Kathir request that he give his portable since her telephone charge is out. He gives his portable to her. Kathir advises to him that she going to call her better half.

He used to presume her at whatever point she is late. Kuberan notice him as most exceedingly awful individual speculating this excellence. Kathir request that he leave he will converse with him. He gestures and leaves from that point. Sathya notice it and runs towards him and get his portable from him. She dials to Sasi and request that he continue the arrangement.

Sathya request that he head inside and his hooligans will be there simply give the telephone to them. She will oversee them. Sasi and group goes in and Kuberan thugs stops them. Sasi request that they talk with sibling. They question them who is that sibling he answers to him whom offering cash to them. One of the hooligan talj with Sathya. She imagine like converse with him in Kuberan voice. She advises to them that annual expense ride coming so everybody leave the spot not long after illuminating to Maggie. They advises to her and leaves.

Maggie question them who are they for what reason did they came here? He educates to her they are watchfulness officials inside the space of minutes personal assessment ride will come here so we came here to get all the state and cash. She questions them so Sasi request that she affirm it with Kuberan. She dials to him Sathya go to it and answer to her in Kuberan tone so she consent to give it. Sathya return the telephone to Kathir and request him to take care from him till they get cash close by.

Maggie gives all cash to Sasi. Here Kuberan returns Kathir request that he take her to house. He gestures and leaves. Sasi gathered all cash from her and spot it in vehicle. He request that Makan start the vehicle yet its not began. He says to him its not beginning. Sasi educates to him that Maggie as of now has question on him since she request that he show his ID card to him. He got away from her thinking getting late. Maggie yells to stop the vehicle. She says that they neglect to take her gems. She offers it to him. Sasi grins and offers bye to her.

Kuberan is moving in his room. Kathir thinks how he going to escape from him. Still Sasi not calling him. Kuberan as of now begins to play with him. Sasi calls him Kuberan question him doesn’t she said her versatile is out of charge. He answers he referenced didn’t revived. Her better half is calling him so he going to chat with him in private. Sasi illuminates to him the mission is achievement. Kathir secured Kuberan and runs from that point. Kuberan figures for what reason did she secures him.

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