Today episode starts with Anitha and Veerasingham are sitting in hall and drinking coffee. Veerasingham.saying to Anitha coffee tasting good he think its filter coffee. Anitha replies to him its brue. Sathya coming down to hall and notice them sitting there casually and drinking coffee. She glares them because of them Prabhu is suffering and in pressure to arrange money. She wish to prank them.

She goes near them and calls Veerasingham. He says to Anitha she may finds out the truth that’s why approaching them. Anitha ask him to shut his mouth. Sathya question them did their dealing with Kuberan is over? Hearing it they got up jerked? Anitha questioning her whom said to her? She replies to her everyone know it. Veerasingham blinks. Anitha again question her what did she know? Sathya says to them that she stoled property papers to give the money to Kuberan right? Did it over?

Veerasingham says to Anitha she is asking about 1crore rs good she has no idea about the 16 crore. Veerasingham replies to her he gave money to him. Sathya ask to him so he is empty now? They stare her in confusion. She clears with them she mentioned as M.D did they heard Empty? Perhaps his ears has some problem. Makan calls her on time to inform her one car came for service. Sathya starts to talk with him in confusing manner to use this situation to scold Anitha and Veerasingham.

Sathya staring Anitha and saying to her they done an big mistakes and even tried to hide it from her its very big mistake. How much she warn them to don’t commit mistake but they didn’t listen to her and done it. She wanna punish them for it. Veerasingham ask to her what did she gonna do now? She replies to him she gonnq beat them while showing her fist.

Seeing their worried face Sathya puts blame on Makan and lie to them he done service to police car but forget to take money. She gonna get money from police. Veerasingham says to Anitha he felt that she is indirectly scolding them. Prabhu coming to that side and thinks like Sathya how comes they sit there cool after done this all he is standing in knife here. Veerasingham called Prabhu and says to him Sathya talking with him in insulting way so arrange that 16crore and give it to all in two days. Prabhu glares him and says to Anitha he wish to beat him now but he couldn’t so in that anger he may slap her to cool his anger so take him away. Anitha takes him from there and scold him to talk properly with him.

Sathya and Sasi welcome Kathir in park. He is in lady get up. Sasi feels shy seeing him in that costume and staring him blushing. Sathya praise his getup. Kathir feels shy when Sasi drooling over him. Sathya ask Kathir to do his mission. Kuberan is walking in park and staring all girls.

Kathir goes there and waves his hand to Kuberan. Seeing her Kuberan flatter there and starts a conversation with him. Both walking while chitchatting each other. Sathya and Sasi are watching them. Sathya ask Sasi to go to Kuberan house as per their plan. Kathir says to Kuberan she is leaving. But he stops her so she talking with him in romantic way to seduce him. He ask him to drop her near by. He agrees and send driver away. Kathir driving the car Kuberan sitting beside him. Sathya following his car. Kathir stops the car and says to him that she is going to drink milk shake. He says to her he will go and buy it for .