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The present scene begins with Sathya saying to Makan that she going to propose Prabhu with this Taj Mahal. They waves their hands to her joyfully. While going her ghetto people groups block her direction and educates to her that Kuberan guaranteed to them will restore cash in multi week yet now he bolted his organization and got away. Sathya answers to them that she questioned him he will do such things that is the reason she discovered his location how about we go to his home and ask him. He gives the blessing to Makan and leaves with them.

Sathya went into Kuberan house and yelling his name boisterously to stand out enough to be noticed. Kuberan and Maggi got astounded to see her there. He says to her we should confront her. He descends and question her what’s the issue she went to his home? She answers to him that he bolted the organization and sitting in home after guaranteed to restore sum in 1week that is the reason she came here to check him.

He ask to her then for what good reason did she came here as opposed to scrutinizing her significant other? She ask to him for what valid reason would it be a good idea for her to ask him? He illuminates to her that Prabhu places consent to in arrangement that he is responsibile for everybody cash. Sathya gazing him in disarray.

Kuberan gives the arrangement duplicate to her. She got the stun of her life after understood it. Kuberan prodded her that her significant other swindled all and got cash and she brought everybody here to ask cash from him. Indeed, even he got bamboozled he lossed his 1crore rs to him. Sathya is remaining there shocked. She can’t ready to trust it.

He advises to her that its simply a duplicate unique is in police headquarters. They are offering key to cheat that is the reason they brought Sathya here to ask equity? Try not to confide in her. They says to them their Sathya isn’t that way. After they left Kuberan says to Maggi that she isn’t anything infront of him he even duped priests and legal advisors.

Ghetto individuals addressing Sathya yet she is remaining there in quiet. She is stating to them that they won’t swindle others something isn’t right she will discover it out and return the cash to them. Sathya go to police headquarters to know reality. At the point when she enquired about it he uncovers all reality to Sathya how did Prabhu consented to the arrangement. He referenced her family as misrepresentation. She says to him that she will demonstrate their honesty.

Constable illuminates to Sathya that Kuberan and Inspector cornered him and made him sign in the agreement. He wanna pay 16crore in multi week. Sathya got stunned hearing it. She re-visitation of home and contemplating it all. Prabhu arrive at home and conversing with Manager in telephone about cash. Sathya feels enthusiastic when he deceived her. She believes that he isn’t in any event, thinking about her as companion of him.

Following day Sathya holding on to hear that Prabhu will educate everything to her. She is gazing him in assumption.

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Air Date: 31 December 2020

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