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Today scene begins with Prabhu preparing to go to office. Sathya is ecpecting him to share everything to Sathya. He is gazing her in blame and remaining there faltered. Sathya thinks he going to admit all fact to her now yet he takes his versatile and says to her he is having a gathering by saying he leaves from that point.

Sathya is disillusioned with it. She believes what’s the need to tune in from him she will ask to him direct however she altered her perspective that she will stand by till he shares everything to her. Indhumathi sitting in corridor pondering everything. Sathya comes there. Indhumathi feels that she will gab all fact to her on the off chance that she talk with him so she attempts to escape from her yet Sathya stops her.

Sathya says to her she wanna talk with her. Indhumathi says to her that she wanna cook rise let talk recently. Sathya says to her we are having two workers here so nothing to stress they will deal with it currently accompany me and talk. Sathya advises to her that she saw a horrible that Prabhu got captured for the slip-up which he didn’t done. Indhumathi figures how did she envisioned like saw everything in genuine. She ask to Indhumathi will this fantasy occur?

Indhumathi thinks even in dream she is continually pondering Prabhu. Indhumathi says to Sathya that she is a bold young lady so don’t have faith in such things. On the off chance that any issues comes too he will give it and Sathya can help him. Sathya says to her she wanna help him that is the reason asking to her. Indhumathi leaves from that point. Sathya says to her dad that none regarding her as their family except for she can’t leave them she going to take care of them. Bloom tumbled down as certain sign.

Indhumathi asking to Vignesh in telephone did Prabhu eat anything he answers as no. He is strained about the cash. She solicitation to him to cause him to eat. He gestures. Veerasingham yelling there Indhumathi hurried to there in rush. She ask to him what’s wrong? He answers to her none have duty here. Selvi didn’t added salt in food. Indhumathi blows up and toss salt on him and says on account of them they are enduring this way. Her child is starving there yet he is griping there is no salt in food. She notice him as indecent and leaves. Anitha says to him that he has no disgrace. He begins to eat once more.

Sathya hanging tight for Sasi and Kathir. She question to them did they think about the issue going on in office? He answers to her something isn’t right however none is sharing it to them. Sathya says that she is girl in law of that house even they didn’t share it to them she uncovers all issue to them and says she wanna settle it for them. They guarantees to her they will face any challenge for her.

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Air Date: 31 December 2020

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