Gehna with family holding aarti anxiously holds up close to entryway to invite Kanak. Anant and Pankaj get back with pitiful appearances. Gehna asks where is Kanak, on the off chance that she is accompanying her mom. Anant advises that Kanak went with her mom. Gehna says its great Kanak went with her mom as a girl needs her mom in a difficult situation like Tia comes to Baa, let Kanak stay with her mom for at some point, they can bring her back home following a couple of days. Pankaj says Gehna is more youthful however talks sense, they will bring Kanak back home following a couple of days. Paresh says they ought to observe Kanak’s get back with Gehna’s pre-arranged kheer around evening time.

Baa requests that Anant and Pankaj spruce up and have food. Gehna implores Kanhaji to send Kanak home soon as a festoon is fragmented with a missing globule. Hema hearing her considers rejoining with Kanak and delivering retribution from Gehna.

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Anant gets back to his room and sees a note to say thanks. Gehna expresses gratitude toward him for discovering Kanak in 24 hours and says now their broke family will rejoin. He endowments her chocolate and says he is getting her confirmation in a law school. Gehna gets passionate. Anant says she needs to concentrate a ton, its a long term course, time will pass on without any problem. She licks her fingers. He says he didn’t realize she cherishes choc so much, he didn’t think about it. She says there are numerous things which he doesn’t have the foggiest idea. He requests to tell then, at that point. She apprehensively says espresso. In the event that she will lick even espresso. She says let us talk while appreciating espresso. He says let us have tea all things considered. She goes to bring tea. Tia brings boquet and says somebody sent it for Gehna. Anant discovers a note in it that he is coming to revive their old recollections. Essayist thinks who was the one who was talking sick about Gehna.