Scene starts with Gehna runs towards Jamuna and embraces her. Anant draws a line utilizing vermillion and advises his family to not cross it. He beats Sagar hardheartedly saying they offered respect,love to him and let him remain in his sister’s parents in law house when nobody does that nowadays.

Hema attempts to stop Anant yet he doesn’t let her talk anything. She argues everybody from her family to stop Anant. She advises Jamuna to accomplish something in any case her sibling will kick the bucket. Praful says today Sagar crossed and they can’t stop Anant. Hema cries saying everybody is quiet. That opportunity Radhika arrives there and holds Anant’s hand to stop him.

Anant stuns seeing her there. Every other person gets befuddled seeing her and miracles who is she. She advises him to stop it saying she never observed him this much irate. He asks how he came to here. Hema discloses to Anant that he fouled up by beating Sagar and asks what her sibling did. Kanak expresses gratitude toward Radhika for halting Anant and asks Sagar that what he did. Sagar expresses gratitude toward her for asking what he did. She says he merits an opportunity to put his point.

Anant says he, when all is said and done, saw at that point what’s the need to ask him. Sagar says he saw Gehna setting off to Anant’s room and he followed her to perceive what she is doing there. He says he saw her taking something from Anant’s room. Hema says when Sagar got Gehna, she accused him to spare herself. Gehna discloses to Jamuna that she didn’t took anything.

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