Scene starts with Gehna remains solitary, Anant asks her that for what valid reason she is remaining here when she needs to enliven God. She says Kanak will do that. Chetan advises Sanchi to illuminate Gehna that he is requesting water. Sanchi pass that message to Gehna. Gehna goes to bring water for Chetan. Jamuna advises Kanak to begin designing the God. Anant gets a call and moves from that point. Gehna enters the kitchen and gets apprehensive hearing strides however calms seeing Tanu there. Tanu educates her that Anant called him in his room and he needs her assistance in some work so she will take this water.

Sanchi who came there takes the water glass from Tanu and they leaves from that point. Sagar follows Gehna and attempts to drag her with him. She advises him to leave him and alludes him as sibling. He advises her to not call him as sibling and he won’t leave her today regardless. She runs from that point and he runs behind her. He gets her and hauls her to Anant’s room and bolts the entryway from inside. She yells for help. He snickers at her maxim nobody can hear her voice.

Hema discloses to Jamuna that she completed all the work. Hiral says she heard that Gehna does all the house hold errands and gets some information about her. Jamuna says she will return. Anant asks Tiya that did she saw Gehna. She advises him to ask Alka saying she may know. He gets some information about Gehna. She answers saying Gehna was with her just yet don’t have a clue where she went. He sees Kanak brightening God with gems and thinks Gehna enhances God with blossom and goes inside the house to bring her. Gehna sees Anant from window and was going to call him however Sagar hauls her inside.

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