The episode begins with Gopi where Gopi is preparing for Pooja, after which Urmila tries to eat laddus without Kokila’s knowledge but Kokila stops her as she has not asked Kokila and is still hungry. Wouldn’t have put Gopi smiling upon seeing their tip and we again see Hetal come there and ask for Pooja. Kokila asks Gopi to start the puja. She starts the puja and is left with him. He gets overwhelmed on seeing this and both of them smile.

Next we see that Piyush takes Shah ji with him even though she tells him that they should not have gone alone without Guna. He accidentally falls into the phone and Guna notices that she would push Sagar. And runs towards the child to save them. The parents of the child also reach there. Mota Bhai helps Kahana to come out and asks if he does not even know to tell her, then he jumps into the pool. Why was Saatchi saying that Guna is trying to save her, so he jumped into the water without thinking, after that Sagar thinks that instead of taking care of the child, they ask him why they are fighting among themselves. Where did she leave the child and then she says that she went to get Kanak’s cloth and Kanak slaps her.