Next you will see that Gopi Kaka asks how Gopi has come to know about all this and then she says that she has seen her details in the internet. Next we see that she says that she does not know His wrestling team has become much more famous. He then asks her to put a bowl of water on her head. She asks what is needed. He points to her that she is about to pour water on his head but he stops her by saying that he stopped her head. Was asked to pour water.

Then we see that he poured water on her saying that they have to keep control of themselves like this. Next we give Sagar trying to tamper with Geeta at the same time but when Anant comes there and asks him As to what is happening, he starts trying to find something.

He says that he asked Sagar, then Sagar says that he was feeling very sleepy and he came to this room seeing the light and he The picture was showing and asking if she was eating or not and she says that even though it is not his family, he has considered her as part of his family.

Then we see that Anant says that she has been living in this house for 5 years and it is clear that she can take good care of herself and also asks him to leave from there because all her We see that Anant takes Dena with her and she starts telling time together after seeing the stars, then we see that Gopi enters the house wearing a sari and Sagar asks her out Went and says his hair is wet. Then we take it that she makes an excuse and is about to leave but Uma Hema stops her.