Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th January 2021 Written Update


Gehna strolls towards Baa to apologize her. Baa requests to stop not too far off and dare not draw close to her, inquires as to whether she visited Devimaa’s pandal intoxicated, thinking back Gehna’s show. She inquires as to whether she realizes she did a major sin and destroyed their poise in no time flat, why? Bapuji requests that she hear him out. She says he won’t express a word today, says Anant wedded her and saved her nobility, yet she destroyed their respect before everybody, how might they go out now and face the general public. Gehna apologizes her. Paresh says Gehna did an error as she was not in her detects. Baaasks how is it possible that she would get so intoxicated and censures him for empowering Gehna, reminds that he mentioned her to pardon and acknowledge Gehna, she was doing same and needed to embrace her, however Gehna demonstrated that coal can’t

become precious stone. Chetan, Pankaj and Hema holler at Gehna. Baa says he saved Gehna as her little girl for a very long time, however she did an appalling demonstration being in her home and playing out Kanhaji’s aarti. Bapuji says he is certain Gehna can’t be intoxicated herself. Anant says he saw Gehna prior to entering pandal and realized something wasn’t right, Gehna never burns-through any medication, it implies somebody tranquilized her. He asks Gehna what did she have prior to going to pandal. Gehna says lassi and shows lassi glass.


Kanak gets strained reasoning how is it possible that she would commit an error of leaving glass not too far off. Anant smells lassi and says it has bhang blended and now understood that somebody from home blended bhang in Gehna’s lassi, asks Gehna who gave her lassi. Gehna thinks back Kanak giving her lassi and says Kanak bhabhi, when she descended after dance practice, Kanak requested that she have lassi. Anant inquires as to whether she offered lassi to Gehna. Kanak says obviously and truth be told she offered lassi to entire family and even she devoured it, yet no one got intoxicated and slobbered frantically. Anant says bhang is blended uniquely in Gehna’s glass. Chetan says he should address Radhika as she arranged lassi.


Radhika says she didn’t blend bhang. Chetan says indeed she more likely than not set fire in pandal. Radhika says for what reason would she do that. Pankaj says so that Baa can show Gehna out of house and get Radhika back into Anant’s life. Radhika says she never did that. Anant takes Radhika’s sack out and taking bhang bundle out asks what is this at that point. Sagar thinks Radhika is caught, he had kept bhang in Radhika’s pack. Radhika says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea who kept this parcel in her sack. He says she lied about bulgary in her home, he thought about it and stayed silent because of festivity at home, for what reason did she lie. She thinks back Kanak inciting her to recover Anant from Gehna, says her adoration for him as she cherishes him a ton and needed to turn into his significant other, yet won’t stoop so low for that; she wasn’t harmed when individuals pointed at her, however is harmed now when he claimed her.

She makes his vow that she didn’t blend bhang in Gehna’s lassi and leaves with her bag.Anant wipes his tears and strolling back to Kanak inquires as to for what reason did she blend bhang in Gehna’s lassi. Kanak acts and says Radhika blended it. Anant says Radhika won’t lie making vow on him; Kanak’s arrangement was acceptable, however when she believed she will be gotten, she kept bhang bundle in Radhika’s sack. Kanak says enough, he is wrongly charging her, what issue he has, he had issue when she used to affront Gehna and now when she acknowledge her, he is claiming her even at this point. Bapuji requests that she quiet down. Kanak says for what reason should she, his significant other offended family before everybody.


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