Anant gets a call and he strolls aside. Intoxicated Gehna conflicts with him and he holds her. She says he is so acceptable. He asks what is she doing here, she ought to be in front of an audience and leaves proceeding to talk.

Gehna strolls in front of an audience and requests that Radhika go as she needs to move. Radhika leaves stage. Gehna takes dance position. Kanak sends DJ aside and changes melody. DJ returns and plays bhangra tune O ho o ho… Anant asks which melody is this.

Tia says Gehna rehearsed on an alternate melody. Gehna does bhangra and makes Paresh, youngsters, Anant and others to move. Everybody make the most of her dance and applaud while Kanak and her group scowl. After melody completes, everybody applauds Gehna. Read More….