Sagar figures family won’t extra him this time and runs from that point driving her away. Anant holds her. She educates that assistant blended toxin in food, so he should get partner. Anant runs behind Sagar. Hema sees that and reveals to Kanak that she doesn’t need her Bhaila to be gotten. Kanak says if Sagar is gotten this time, even they will be in a tough situation.

Paresh with Hiral strolls to Gehna and asks what is she doing here. Gehna educates him that Anant ran behind aide as partner blended toxin in their food. She shows him cut. Anant runs behind Sagar and tosses stick on him. Sagar tumbles down and his phony mustache leaves away. Anant recognizes him. Chetan tells Hema and Kanak that they realized Sagar came camouflaged as aide. Anant inquires as to for what reason did they do this.