Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 02 February 2021 Written Update


Scene begins with Kanak says Gehna won’t come to pandal anyway staggers seeing her going with Anant there. Gehna stops at the section and says she can’t head inside and says everyone’s look makes her abnormal. He encourages her to ignore them. She says she can see disdain for her in their eyes.

He encourages her to research his eyes and asks doesn’t she see the respect he has for her, doesn’t she see the trust he has for her and encourages her to hold his hand and keep on pushing ahead. She signals at him and holds his hand. Mrs. Doshi and board ladies comes to them. Anant demands that they speak with him and takes address Gehna. Gehna audits all the minutes she granted to him ( Tujh mein rab dikhta hai block works outside of anyone’s ability to see ).


Gehna enters the pandal surely. Praful and Anant smiles seeing her yet Jamuna and Kanak paralyzes. Gehna goes to Saraswati’s divinity and thinks she thought her and Anant’s relationship occurred because of obligation yet at this point she feels that it’s more than that and first time she felt something like this. Hiral actuates Jamuna and says Anant isn’t her kid any more and he is altogether dealing with Gehna simply nowadays. Kanak says if this returns, by then Gehna will break Jamuna’s family soon and at end Gehna is just a worker.


Gehna surveys Radhika and Anant’s words and decides to consider. She says Anant maintained her for each situation at present it’s her opportunity to help him and turns before Saraswati’s loved picture. Her head stacked up with vermillion and Tiya sees that and says Saraswati supported her. Gehna smiles hearing her. Tiya says now Gehna needs to fight against world. Anant says soon Jamuna will see everyone’s genuine face. He planned to slip and Gehna encourages him to be mindful and Tiya goads her.

Jamuna offers prasad to everyone. She reproaches at Paresh for keep eating pastries since morning and says he should not neglect to recollect that he has diabetic. Praful says Paresh won’t change. Paresh says why he should change when he has Jamuna and Gehna to manage him. Jamuna says Gehna squashed Desai family’s image before everyone and says she won’t recognize Gehna as her young lady in law, honestly she might even not want to see her shadow in this house. Tiya asks with respect to why she is saying like this when Gehna did nothing inaccurately.


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