Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 01 February 2021 Written Update


Scene starts with Kanak requests her offer from property and says she will take off from the house in light of the fact that Anant truly have issue with her. Jamuna breaks hearing her. Gehna requests that she not say that way. Hiral upholds Kanak. Tiya inquires as to why everybody accusing Gehna consistently and everybody contends with one another. Praful requests that they stop. Jamuna advises him to stop Gehna on the grounds that everything happening in view of Gehna. She says Gehna broke her family and she won’t excuse her for this and moves from that point.

Gehna cries reviewing Jamuna’s words. Anant comes there. She cries embracing him and he comforts her. He advises her to share everything to him to feel much improved. She says Jamuna was upbeat and was going to embrace her yet she ruined everything and reprimands herself for Anjali’s choice. She says she fouled up so she should take off from the house and reviews the guarantee she made to Praful and says she can’t take off from the house and thinks about what to do now.


She says due to her Jamuna and he confronted affront in pandal. She says now everybody will snicker at them since she moving in inebriated state and Jamuna won’t acknowledge her. He says it was not her slip-up so she ought not accuse herself.


Kanak shouts at Pankaj for remaining quiet when Anant was accusing her. She says he ought to have slapped him. He inquires as to why she discussed property now. Hema and Cheten comes there. Kanak says she will ensure that Anant goes out with Gehna and she needs to govern the house like she used to.

Anant says Kanak did everything to trap Gehna. She inquires as to why everybody despises her this much.Chetan says today Praful halting Hiral yet yesterday he was quiet when Anant was offending them and says till now Anant didn’t apologize too. Jamuna prevents them from leaving and says Gehna should leave for breaking her family. Kanak smriks hearing her. Gehna leaves from that point and Anant follows her. Read More…..



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