At the beginning of the episode we will see Hema telling the blackmailer that I will take that child while she leaves the house so that she can stop him completely. Jamuna stops her than she watches the film and runs into him.

And she says that she knows that she will definitely succeed in stopping him. After that we see that Yamuna says that she cannot stop anyone. If someone wants to leave the house, then she can go. We see that she is just thinking about saving the house from breaking up.

Which she and the flowers were made with so much effort. After that, she tells Guna that she does not want her family to be completely shattered due to a mistake by a person looking at the ocean and Guna with her. We also apologize. Next we see that she goes to her house.

And she is crying remembering that whole incident. We see that she starts planting a plant to divert her attention to another side, but she never forgets the past and again she remembers those things and is disappointed to hear her father’s voice .

And on the other hand we are shocked. On the other hand we see that Prafulla says that the governor’s father died while saving his life but he could not protect his daughter at all. After that we see that Pankaj says that if Chetan interfered in his midst then Anant must have killed Chetan.

There are so many about him, who warns the ocean, saying that after this time, do not repeat such mistake again, otherwise I will not be offended and she says that she also used her child in this issue. Have done After that Chetan is making fun of Huma.

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Harila says that not everyone is giving much importance to roaming in this family, Anant introduces Radhika to her parents. After that we see that he says that Gona does everything for this family and can even die.

That is why it is his responsibility to do something for his family. He then says that I want to marry Guna. Hearing this, the whole family goes to the Chowk and Radhika is shocked as well. Radhika then tells Anant about her rights.