Radhika says she can’t hold that. Gehna advises her to attempt in any event. Radhika holds it by one way or another. Anant takes rope from store room and runs towards porch. Gehna says she will come to Radhika to spare her. Radhika advises her to not do like that. However, Gehna won’t listen her and places her life in danger to spare her. Anant stuns seeing what occurred and hauls Radhika first.Kanak gets glad reasoning Gehna additionally tumbled down with Radhika.

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Other relatives comes there and stuns. Anant spares Radhika and she advises him to support Gehna. Gehna was going to fall however Anant holds her hand and Radhika holds her other hand and they hauls her together. Jamuna,Praful gets alleviated. Gehna and Radhika gets some information about one another. Anant loosens Gehna’s duppata from railing and offers it to her.