Scene starts with Hema accuses Sagar saying in light of his conduct with Gehna now Praful chose to do her marriage and going to go through parcel of cash and says she won’t leave him in the event that she doesn’t get a lot of sum. He says he is youthful and did it without speculation anything besides he just attempted, didn’t do anything and says she will get her offer and he gives ensure for that. He says Gehna wrecked with him so now he will ensure her life hellfire.

Jamuna was discussing her sarees and notification that Praful isn’t listening her rather he is thinking something. She shakes him and gets some information about. He says nobody has the propensity to do family unit errands so figuring what will happen once Gehna goes out after her marriage. She says it will be hard for everybody except they will become accustomed to live without Gehna. Radhika comes there and apologize to them for upsetting them.

Praful says she is their extraordinary visitor so she need not to apologize. She says she arranged some shock for Gehna so came to educate them about it and needs their consent. In kitchen, Gehna was conversing with her plant companions Chameli and Champa saying she is anxious on the grounds that she needs to leave Praful,Jamuna. That time somebody kidnaps her.

Kanak calls Sagar and hears his versatile ringtone sound from kitchen. She thinks he again accomplished something with Gehna. Gehna stuns realizing that it’s Radhika who carried her to patio and afterward gets upbeat seeing the arrangements for flying kites. Radhika says she become more acquainted with that Gehna likes this present that is the reason she arranged this astonishment for her.

Gehna embraces her and expresses gratitude toward her. She goes to play and the children joins her. Radhika reveals to Anant that Gehna was in injury that is the reason she arranged this for her so she can defeat from that awful occurrence. Gehna advises Radhika to join her and asks knows flying kites in the event that not, at that point she will show her and discloses how to do it.

Hiral says she is truly not arrangement what to do in light of the fact that one side for Gehna’s marriage Praful chose to go through his cash and opposite side to wed Anant, Radhika went into this house as of now. Chetan says Anant will take off from this house after marriage. She says he won’t go anyplace, he will remain in this house as it were.

Hema says in the event that this occurs, at that point they won’t get anything and marvels where is Kanak. Gehna was appreciating with Radhika and crashes into Anant accidentally. Sagar was recording Gehna. Kanak who came there reprimands Sagar for rehashing same error and advises him to accomplish her work.

Anant prods Tiya saying Gehna’s kite flying high. Tiya says since youth he used to lost against her so he ought not discuss her. Everybody snickers hearing her. He says that is false and says he used to lose intentionally so she doesn’t cry. Young men VS Girls rivalry occurs and Gehna wins it for young ladies. Radhika embraces her. Kanak sees everything and pours oil on the floor so Gehna slips yet Radhika tumbles down and was hanging.

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