Today’s episode begins, Anant asks for approval to marry Gina so that he can get good results for her. I am shocked to hear this and start saying that she has gone from here to Phool Jamuna and runs away from there, which Munda signs while comforting Jia.
Tia follows her.

He starts asking her why Jewel reacted to the news of such hearing. Similarly, when the mind does not say that a lot has happened to her today and she will take time to handle herself because she is already very broken. Praful agrees with his wife that they have a dream of flowers at the wedding and is happy that Anant talked about it. She talks to him about his marriage to Gehna, he tells her not to. Everyone tells him that if he does not mind, he will talk to him.

Kanaka feels that the care of Kahna is not very good, Gehna says that if she has gone to start her new life, she will have to leave this family.

. Tia says that she misconstrues and says that Heera additionally comes here after marriage, her relationship doesn’t break with her folks after marriage and a similar will occur with Jewel. Anant comes there and requests that Tia put the plants inside the organizer and lock it. Gehna said that her plants would bite the dust without air and water.

Anant says that to live he also needs to move past his customary range of familiarity. She says that she deals with these plants and that her folks additionally deal with her, so they need her to get hitched and they need to see her with her better half so they can kick the bucket in harmony. He says that they simply need to make sure about their lives and satisfy the parental obligations for their girl. He says that he is not compelling her and requests that her think to ensure. Tia embraces her and advises her to grin. Gehna, Praful, reveals to Jamuna that she realizes that they need just bravo so she will do what she needs. Prafulla says that they will get a decent husband to be for him. Jamuna says that her flight will be fantastic.

Hema grumbles to Radhika Kanaka that Radhika is helpful to them and says that they can utilize her as their pawn since she doesn’t resemble Anant’s companion and just take her from her home. Can. She says that they need to ensure that Gaina doesn’t get a decent husband to be and Prafulla additionally needs to quit going through such a lot of cash for Gehna’s wedding. Radhika says that Anant’s room is spotless. He credits this to Gehna. She contemplates whether it isn’t soon for Gehna’s wedding. She says that she accomplishes all crafted by others yet it is not her life. She says that she feels that her folks are Gehna’s reality. The following day Gehna begins her housework.

Prafulla says Gehna’s future parents in law is fortunate, yet they will miss her. Guruji comes there. Jamuna says that she needed to converse with him about Anant’s marriage. He says that Anant’s lady of the hour has just gone into the house. Around then Anant and Radhika come there and look for endowments from Guruji. Jamuna acquainted Radhika with Guruji. He expresses that a few things will change yet they can confront each one of those circumstances. Hema rebuffs Genha by devastating his fav thing.