The episode begins with Gopi meeting Kaka and thinking about leaving, likewise disappearing goes to take over a family member. Similarly, she listens to the sound of Kokila’s shouting. Kane starts beating Hema as everyone comes to know about Kokila Gopi asks us what has happened. She asks Kokilavan who made Prasad. Gehna says that I have made Prasad. Kokila says that you did everything that we asked you to do in it.

That is why she shakes her head whether the egg is also mixed in it. She goes to the Chowk after listening to him and says that she has not got egg in Prasad. Gopi tells them that this is possible because she was with him when she was making prasad. And she says that she has done all this very carefully. Prafulla says that anyone else can do it; Gehna cannot do it. Chetna asks them what they mean is okay and does not trust them. Kotla says that 82 will be looking for the applicant, so when he was not Gopi Guna, then who went to Soi.

Jamuna says she will make prasad once more. Kokila says it’s not about the prasad it’s about the individual’s mindset on account of that this occurrence occurred and she will uncover that individual regardless. Jamuna gets some information about that individual. Kokila advises everybody to remain in line and she will smell everybody’s hands.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jin ka 31 October 2020 Written Updates

In wrestling region, Gopi kaka was continue getting Gopi’s glimmers while rehearsing. Guruji asks what befallen him, he appears to be strained. Kanak says are they school kids that now they needs to remain in the line. Hema says let her to anything she desires to in light of the fact that she won’t discover anything. Kanak says she won’t remain in the line since she didn’t do anything incorrectly and Gehna is the person who made prasad then why she is suspecting others.

Kokila says since everybody remains in this house not just Gehna. Pankaj says yet Gehna just generally works in the kitchen. Kokila says he is correct she too saw that it’s Gehna just who does all kitchen works. Kanak says Kokila isn’t her relative that she is continue requesting her. Kokila says she has all the rights to arrange her and says in the event that Kanak sat idle, at that point why she is apprehensive at this point. Jamuna mentions to Kanak to do what Kokila advising her to do.

Kanak thinks Gehna is the person who tossed the egg shells in the dustbin so smell will originate from her as it were. Gopi thinks she is getting late to meet Gopi kaka yet she can’t leave from here at this point. Gopi kaka educates his Guruji that he is stopping the wrestling. Guruji asks the purpose for this abrupt choice. Gopi kaka says he can’t uncover that to him. Guruji leaves from that point without saying anything. Kokila smells everybody’s hand individually. Kanak asks why Kokila didn’t get egg smell from Gehna’s hands. Kokila says it’s Sagar who blended the egg in the prasad. Everybody stuns hearing her.

Sagar reviews how he contacted Gehna’s hand and she washed her hand. He inquires as to why he will blend and additionally he didn’t entered the kitchen today. He thinks Gehna caught him. Kokila sees little bit of egg shell in Sagar’s shirt and shows it to everybody. Sagar says Gehna is answerable for this and moves towards her. Anant prevents him from arriving at Gehna and advises him to apologize for his slip-up as opposed to getting forceful. Sagar asks what he will get by ruining the prasad. Kanak slaps him and advises Hema to apologize to Kokila for the benefit of her sibling. Hema apologize to Kokila. Gopi says she will make prasad once more.