Kanak asks Gehna that what is she doing in visitor room. Gehna says she didn’t know that Anant is dozing in this room and she came here for Sanchi in light of the fact that Hema disclosed to her that her little girl has fever.

Hema says Gehna lying. Hiral says Gehna offended Jamuna by observing Anant’s face. Gehna says she didn’t saw Anant’s face. Kanak says Gehna lying again on the grounds that she perceived how Gehna was laying on Anant before.

Hiral says don’t have a clue what going to occur with Anant now. Hema says Gehna saw Anant’s face purposely. Gehna discloses to Jamuna that she didn’t saw Anant’s face. Anant says he likewise didn’t saw Gehna’s face. Jamuna insults Gehna.