Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 30 April 2021 Written Update

Scene starts with Tiya says to Gehna that she is looking so lovely today. Anant and Gehna prepares to take off from the house to watch play. Sagar says to Gehna that she accomplished such a great deal for him so he need to give her something and offers chocolate to her. Everybody comes there. Kanak says to Radhika that soon air going to change. Radhika expresses gratitude toward her and commendations her arrangement. Kanak says to her that Radhika couldn’t ready to prevent Anant from going out however she did it.

Anant understands that Sagar annihilated his show and reprimands him for that. Hiral says to them that she previously disclosed to them that they are fouling up in Sagar’s matter however no listened her. Anant asks Sagar that for what reason he took his show papers from his room.


Kanak reviews how she requested that he shock Gehna with shading papers. He ponders where he will get papers. She advises him to go to Gehna’s room and gather the waste papers just which he can discover in the dustbin.


Gehna asks Sagar that for what reason he didn’t ask her authorization prior to taking papers from her room. Radhika reviews how she put Anant’s show in the dustbin and how Sagar took that to amaze to Gehna. She comes to the real world and asks Anant that what she will say to Vineet. Praful says to Anant that Sagar’s condition isn’t well so it’s a mishap. Anant says to him that tomorrow he has customer meeting and it’s his first work and what he will show in the gathering.

Vineet gets some information about show. She educates him about show. He reproves her and says to her that he needs show tomorrow regardless. Anant shouts at Gehna and she runs inside. Radhika advises him to leave such a lot of saying that they need to focus on show.


Paresh takes Anant with him and uncovers to him that Gehna affirmed Sagar’s condition prior to carrying him to the house and she didn’t address him when he carried Radhika to the house. Read more…….


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