Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 3 May 2021 Written Update


Scene starts with Gehna says to Radhika that now she can’t lie any longer. Radhika apologize to Anant and shows her leg. Everybody stuns seeing her physical issue. Kanak reviews how she educated Radhika that Gehna intending to uncover her. Radhika requests that Kanak beat her leg saying that she can endure any torment for Anant. Gehna considers how could this be conceivable. Radhika asks Gehna that does she needs to demonstrate whatever else and says to her that assuming Gehna needs her to leave, she will leave and argues her to not denounce her like this.

She says to Anant that he hurted her most by presuming her and asks him that how might he feel that she will play filthy stunts to remain in his home and she likewise has self confidence so she will not remain in the house and attempts to get up from bed yet recoils in torment. Gehna attempts to help Radhika. Anant hollers at Gehna for charging Radhika. Kanak insults Gehna and asks who deals with their visitor like this. Sagar says Gehna never lies and Radhika lying then he runs from that point.


Hiral requests that Gehna apologize to Radhika for offending her. Jamuna says to Gehna that she ought to have affirmed first prior to denouncing Radhika like this and says to Hiral that everybody offended Radhika. She apologize to Radhika in the interest of everybody. Radhika cries embracing her and requests that she not apologize to her since she committed error by remaining there and apologize to everybody. Kanak inquires as to why Radhika saying ‘sorry’ when Gehna committed error. Gehna acknowledges that it’s her slip-up and leaves the room and others also aside from Anant.


Gehna apologize to Jamuna. Anant says to Radhika that they should come clean to Gehna in light of the fact that she has the right to know. Jamuna says to Gehna that she can comprehend that Gehna is harmed yet she ought not have accused Radhika like this and advises her to converse with Anant. Radhika says to Anant that without knowing reality Gehna doing this assuming Gehna became more acquainted with reality, she can’t envision what all Gehna will think about her and she has answer for tackle the issue and chooses to take off from the house. He says to her that he will not come clean to Gehna and advises her to take rest and leaves the room.

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Gehna says to Paresh that she doesn’t care to see Radhika and Anant together that is not mean she blamed Radhika superfluously and everybody thinks she isn’t right. He says to her that circumstance isn’t right. Hema catches their discussion and suspects Radhika and Kanak.

Radhika cries in torment. Kanak says to her that it’s start of Gehna’s misfortune and now it’s an ideal opportunity to invite Hema in their group.


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