Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 28 April 2021 Episode Written Update


Anant sees Vineet considering Radhika and picks the call. Vineet converses with Anant thinking Radhika picked the call and says to him that he is feeling the loss of her to such an extent. Anant clears the misconception and educates him about Gehna’s outcome and Radhika cooking to observe Gehna’s prosperity. Vineet advises him to praise Gehna in the interest of him and says to him that Radhika will make delectable food since she is master in cooking now and requests that he advise her to pack nourishment for him moreover.

Anant concurs with him and detaches the call. He reviews Radhika’s words about Vineet and Vineet’s conduct. Afterward, Jamuna advises Radhika to join. Radhika declines the offer. Everybody drinks a great deal of water. Hema admonishes Radhika for adding such a lot of hot. Gehna serves pastry to everybody. Paresh acclaims Gehna’s treat. Anant asks her that when she made it. She answers him saying that she made it morning itself. Anant says to them nobody can beat Gehna’s cooking. Radhika says to them that she will make something different once more.


In any case, Pankaj stops her. Sagar comes there and says he is eager and eats Radhika’s food at that point insults her. Gehna says to them that she will make noodles for them. Radhika gets irritated and leaves from that point. Anant follows her. Kanak leaves from that point. Radhika converses with Kanak yet acts like she is conversing with Vineet and apologize to him. Anant catches that and thinks he committed error by educating Vineet that Radhika cooked.


Kanak advises Radhika to not exaggerate and disengages the call. Radhika faults herself for her wretchedness and says to Anant that she need to pass on and cries embracing Anant. Sagar hits Radhika and says to Anant that he fouled up by holding Radhika’s hand. Anant says to him that Sagar is correct and advises him to leave from that point. Sagar goes out and advises about Radhika to Gehna. Gehna says to Radhika that she will drop Radhika in her home and she needs her assistance in shopping. Radhika says to her that she has some other work. Anant demand her to go with Gehna. Radhika gestures at him. In the wake of shopping, Gehna goes to Radhika’s home and requests that she make juice for her. Radhika advises Gehna to sit saying that she goes towards the kitchen. Gehna stops her expression that she recently understood that she invest such a lot of energy with her and her family should be sitting tight for her so she can drink Radhika’s hand made squeeze later.

Radhika comprehended Gehna’s arrangement and goes up against her. Gehna acknowledges that she came to drop Radhika in her home and insults her. She advises her to focus on her significant other Vineet. Anant discovers that what all Gehna said to Radhika and reproves her for that. Gehna gives the return blessing to Anant and leaves from that point. Anant opens the blessing.


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