Scene starts with Jamuna gets some information about Anant. Gehna says to her that Anant resting. Kanak says to her that once Sagar comes nobody can rest. Pankaj advises her to not concern saying that he and Chetan will deal with Sagar. Specialist brings Sagar there and leaves from that point.

Kanak thinks why Sagar glaring her and miracles he truly lost his momery or acting. Sagar moves towards Kanak so Pankaj and Chetan comes before her to secure her. Sagar bounces on Chetan and pulls his hair and deals with him like a toy. Jamuna advises him to leave Chetan. He disregards her completely.

Gehna requests that he get up saying that she will offer chocolate to him. He leaves Chetan and address Gehna as mother. Kanak stuns hearing him. He says to Gehna that he is ravenous. She says to him that she will give food and takes him inside. Kanak says to her family that it’s simply a trailer and Sagar will inconvenience everybody later on.

After some time, Gehna says to them that she offered food to Sagar so he is dozing now and will not difficulty anybody and leaves to compose test. Anant asks Jamuna that what happened in light of the fact that he heard clamor. She informs him to not concern concerning Sagar. He advises her that he chose to telecommute. Radhika comes there and says to him that they are cooperating in a similar undertaking so she will go along with him.

Kanak acclaims Radhika’s thought to her. She reveals to Radhika that nobody can interfere with her and Anant. Radhika reminds Anant about their past. Anant reviews about Gehna’s proposition. She apologize to him for reminding the past and says to him that she can’t adore another person and leaves the room. He wants to comprehend her sentiments since he is additionally feeling same.

Sagar requests that Radhika give food. She shows the food and advises him to have food. He discovers hair in the food and says to Radhika that it’s her hair. She gets aggravated hearing him. He says to her that he will hack off her hair and pursues her. She shouts for help and everybody comes there. Anant requests that Sagar return the scissor.

Sagar won’t give it saying he needs to cleave off Radhika’s hair. He moves towards Radhika and Gehna stops him and requests that he return the scissor. He offers it to her and others feels alleviated. Anant chides Sagar. Hiral says everything happening due to Gehna’s dumb choice. Jamuna says to Gehna that today Sagar attempted to assault Radhika tomorrow he may assault another person. Praful says they ought to send Sagar to the recovery community.

Sagar says to Gehna that he discover hair in the food and Radhika take steps to hit him with water container. Radhika says to them that Sagar lying. Hema attempts to help Sagar. Anant says to them that Sagar acting. Gehna guards Sagar and takes him inside. Read more……..