Scene starts with Jamuna says she isn’t seeing how the bowl slipped from her hand. Kanak faults Jamuna. Gehna says it’s simply a mishap and says she is fine and informs Jamuna to not concern regarding her. Jamuna feels awful and says she will get ready medication for her again and moves towards the kitchen. Afterward, Jamuna applies medication on Gehna’s leg and says now Gehna will feel good. Gehna gets passionate and cries embracing Jamuna. Jamuna says ladies thinks often about everybody’s wellbeing except they disregards their own wellbeing and advises Gehna to deal with herself.

Gehna attempts to wear heels and winches in torment. Anant sees that and says her certainty is missing and inspires her and says he will assist her with wearing this. She says she can’t do this. He says she can do it and nothing will happen to her and makes her wear the heels and advises her to stand. She remains with his assistance and he advises her to attempt to stroll without his help. She attempts to walk yet falls on him. Radhika who came there asks what Anant doing. Anant causes Gehna to sit on the bed. Radhika says she has something imperative to converse with Anant. Anant and Radhika leaves the room.

Gehna says she can’t partake in the opposition since she isn’t even ready to stand appropriately without anybody’s help. The young ladies who accompanied Radhika rouses Gehna. Radhika says she realizes that Anant needs Gehna to accomplish something in her life however he can’t hazard her life. She says it’s simply a marvel rivalry and consider the possibility that something happens to Gehna’s leg. Hema says Radhika is correct and says everybody realizes that Anant doesn’t adore Gehna however now it would seem that he doesn’t think often about her and advises him to comprehend the issue afterall she is his significant other. Radhika advises him to pull out Gehna’s name from rivalry.

Following day, Kanak and Radhika gets glad reasoning Gehna will pass on the opposition. Kanak and Chetan affronts Hema. She cries hearing them. Tiya says now Gehna can’t wear heels at that point how might she go to the stage. Next round starts, individuals giggles at Hema. Gehna goes to the stage wearing saree with arti plate. Anant grins seeing her. Judges sees that Gehna didn’t wear any shoe and wearing conventional outfit as well and says she defied the norms of the opposition.

Gehna was going to finish her incline walk however Judge stop her idiom she defied the guidelines of the opposition. Jamuna gets stressed hearing that. Judge exclude Gehna. Desai’s stuns hearing him. Judge says he previously cautioned her last time and inquires as to why she decide to wear saree when the topic is the present lady.