Scene Start with Hema paralyzes seeing that Sagar is tied up and gets some data about it to Doctor. Expert teaches her that Sagar lost his memory and considering that he become negligible awful so they appended him to keep him from hurting himself just as others. He encourages them to go out saying they are disturbing the patient. Hema contends him to let her encounter with Sagar until he recuperates his perception. Sagar recovers his awareness and Hema loosens him. He endeavors to hurt Hema and pushes her. Kanak scolds Sagar for that. He takes food from the table and throws at Kanak.

Gehna yells at him and he apologize to her and address her as auntie. Everyone staggers seeing him acting like a kid. Expert enlightens them that Sagar become a 10 year old now and by staying with family he can recover his memory. Chetan says to him that that is unsafe because envision a situation where Sagar attacked Kids and encourages him to give treatment in the crisis center in a manner of speaking. Expert says to him that such a patients are not allowed in their facility. Regardless, Chetan won’t take Sagar to Desai house.

Expert prescribes them to surrender Sagar in any recuperation local area. Hema contends Chetan to let her take Sagar to the house saying that Sagar won’t be managed well in the recuperation place. A while later, Hema enlightens about Sagar to her father. Gehna ponders envision a situation where Sagar is acting and goes to him and offers report to him saying that she pull out the protest she gave against him so he need not to act any more and encourages him to leave the city without disturbing anyone. He looks at her and takes the paper from her. She leaves the room.

A few minutes, Hema glance through Sagar saying that he is missing. Gehna thinks her vulnerability was straightforwardly about Sagar anyway shocks seeing Sagar playing with that paper like a kid and he demands that she take him to the house. Gehna decides to take Sagar to Desai house saying that she will manage him. Kanak thinks Gehna decided to take whirlwind to Desai house.

Jamuna says to Gehna that it won’t be not hard to manage Sagar. Gehna says to her that she will manage it. Kanak says to Gehna that it won’t be not hard to manage such a patients and envision a situation where Sagar attacked Kids. Hiral moreover conflicts with Gehna’s decision. Sapan says to Gehna that they should send Sagar to his home. Gehna takes address Sagar. Anant hears everything and takes Gehna inside the room.

On the other hand, Radhika rebukes Vineet for saving Gehna taking a risk with his own life. She enlightens him that Gehna decided to take Sagar to her home and Anant left the work environment subsequently. Vineet praises Gehna to Radhika.

Anant says to Gehna that he won’t allow Sagar in his home. She says to him that they need to help Hema in her predicament and Sagar lost his memory. He illuminates her to think concerning her dream. She demands that he support her in this decision. Radhika calls Anant and encourages him to come to office early to prepare to look good.