Anant drinks water and Radhika sees that and smriks. He feels unsteady and she upholds him to stand. He asks her that how she returned. She takes him to the lobby and says to him that presently none can prevent her from getting him. She uncovers that she will record their private minutes and will post in web-based media then Anant will not have some other decision than wedding her.

He asks her that what’s going on with him and falls on the couch. She opens the camera in her versatile and goes to Anant and attempts to draw near to him ( Aaj phir tune plays behind the scenes ). She stuns seeing Gehna there. Gehna slaps Radhika and gets stressed seeing Anant’s condition. She reveals to Radhika that the last’s arrangement floundered and illuminates that she thinks about her arrangement.

Radhika says to her that Gehna can’t demonstrate her arrangement and she will advise others that Anant attempted to attack her. She admits that how all Anant dealt with uncover her and furthermore she has evidence to demonstrate her untruths. Gehna reveals to her that she likewise arranged one astonishment for her. Radhika stuns seeing Desai’s there.