Scene starts with Sagar escapes from that point before Anant get him. Anant figures he more likely than not misconstrued. He salutes everybody except Gehna is the champ. Radhika asks does Anant realize Gehna will win. He gestures at her and says Gehna said everything from her heart so clearly she is the champ of that round. Gehna thinks she realizes that he adores Radhika such a lot of still he upheld her and his help is sufficient for her.

Radhika figures Anant may attempt to cover up however she realizes that he actually adores her. She was going to take water bottle. Anant takes and was going to offer it to her. Gehna acts like hacking so he offers it to her. Gehna takes it from him and offers it to Radhika. Radhika returns the jug to Gehna. Anant advises them to rehearse for next round and leaves from that point.

Kanak stuns seeing Sagar there. Sagar says they are not picking his call and Police looking through him so his life isn’t not exactly a transient and everything happened due to Gehna, he is enduring this much and she is occupied with her opposition. He breaks Gehna’s heels and Kanak says Gehna will confront shame on the stage. Seeing Gehna, Sagar covers up under the table. Gehna takes her heels and leaves from that point.

Host reports that incline stroll round starts now. Members strolls wearing indo western dress. Gehna goes to the stage. Jamuna gets cheerful seeing Gehna wearing the neckband she offered it to her. During the incline walk, Gehna’s heel breaks totally. Kanak grins seeing that. Radhika sees Kanak’s response and grins. Kanak think Gehna was flying such a lot of now she can’t finish this round. Jamuna asks why Gehna quit strolling. Public scrutinizes Gehna.

Judge requests that Gehna complete the incline walk else they will exclude her. Kanak thinks with that wrecked heels and leg Gehna can’t walk now. Gehna proceeds with the incline walk enduring the torment. Anant feels awful seeing her like that. Kanak wins the slope stroll round. Judge offers cautioning to Gehna. Host declares that tomorrow fourth round will occur.

While getting back from stage, Gehna battles to walk and was going to fall yet Anant saves her and picks her. Radhika and Hema stuns seeing that. Hema reveals to Radhika that couple of moments back just Gehna was blessing the stage however seeing Anant acts like she is in torment. She says she needs to advise about it to Kanak and leaves from that point. Read more……