Scene starts with Hema moves on ability round. Kanak thinks about how Radhika sang truly well. Radhika who came there says Kanak should be considering how she sang well when Kanak blended the powder in the water and discloses to her how she drank water from another container and says these are obsolete deceives so assuming she needed to accomplish something, she ought to have concocted groundbreaking thoughts and inquires as to why she did that and says on the off chance that Kanak feared her success, she is correct on the grounds that she came to win and she will win regardless yet she came to win Anant not rivalry.

Kanak says Radhika’s marriage previously occurred. Radhika says she will assist Kanak with winning the opposition and consequently Kanak needs to assist her with winning Anant. She says she needs to toss Gehna from Anant’s life and Kanak consents to help her. Gehna catches their discussion. They stuns seeing Gehna there. Radhika asks did Gehna hear anything and gets mitigated when she discover that Gehna didn’t hear anything.

Kanak asks Gehna that what she arranged for ability round. Gehna says she composed sonnet. Kanak and Radhika gets astonished hearing her. Gehna says she doesn’t have a clue how she will perform today since she is apprehensive. Kanak says Gehna changed such a lot of now and advises everything to Radhika and says Gehna even proposed Anant. Radhika gets some information about Anant’s answer. Kanak says he dismissed Gehna and says she feels he remembered his first love at this point. Gehna requests that Kanak not talk about her own matter. Radhika requests that Gehna show her sonnet.

Gehna says she need to shock them and was going to leave from that point yet Hema slams into her intentionally and Gehna dropped her sonnet note. Radhika spills water on the sonnet note purposely and Gehna gets stressed seeing that. Radhika apologize to Gehna and says Host calling her. Gehna thinks she realizes that they intentionally ruined her sonnet note however she will not backoff.

Gehna reviews Anant’s dismissal and Radhika’s intention. She portrays a sonnet unhesitatingly. Praful and Jamuna gets enthusiastic hearing her. Radhika and Kanak stuns seeing Gehna’s presentation. Gehna says she is devoting this sonnet for Praful, Jamuna and furthermore for Anant in light of the fact that he is the person who trusted her and advised her to begin this new excursion and remained by her consistently. She says she is remaining there on account of him as it were. Anant gets passionate hearing her. Judges gives standing. Read more…….