Episode starts with Anant stuns considering Radhika to be the stage as one of the contender and reviews the minutes he imparted to her. Host reports that now just nine candidates will move to next round which is ability round. Kanak figures Gehna will not reach next round and Gehna remains there anxiously. She stuns when Host reported that Gehna cleared the determination round.

Anant and Tiya applauds Gehna. Host says these nine hopefuls will take an interest in ability round which will happen tomorrow. Anant ponders whom Radhika wedded and thinks to converse with her. He discovers that Radhika left the scene as of now.

Kanak inquires as to why he is looking through Radhika. He answers saying Radhika is his companion and he saw her after significant time-frame so thought to converse with her and says he actually didn’t apologize to her. He compliments Kanak, Hema and Gehna. Kanak says she was certain that she will clear the determination round so he ought to salute Hema and Gehna just and how about we see what they does in ability round. He says pomposity could be perilous. Hema says Kanak’s genuine rivalry is Radhika. Gehna reviews how Anant proposed Radhika.

Praful says his three little girl parents in law cleared the first round so he will likewise eat sweet today. Jamuna offers neckband to them and advises them to wear it for rivalry. Kanak reveals to Hema that plan is old design and everybody will snicker at her assuming she weared this with western dress. Gehna was remaining there without serving Anant. Hema gets some information about. Kanak says she should consider Radhika.

Anant opens the entryway and stuns seeing Radhika. She comes inside and everybody stuns seeing her. She welcomes Praful and Jamuna. Anant says he at last got opportunity to apologize to her and says last time he blamed her without knowing reality and later he became more acquainted with that Sagar was liable for that. She says she failed to remember everything and requests that he fail to remember the past. He says she wedded abruptly and gets some information about her better half. She says he is finance manager and he adores her so much and says they got hitched after his proposition and says she is content with him like Anant is content with Gehna.

Paresh requests that she eat with them. Radhika was going to sit close to Anant however Gehna stays there. Radhika asks what Kanak wanting to do in ability round. Kanak says she will move. Radhika asks Anant that what she ought to perform. He says she is wonderful in everything except for she ought to sing. She asks what Gehna will do. Read more……..