Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 22 April 2021 Episode Written Update

Radhika strolls into Desai House clueless and gets aarti from Gehna. Gehna asks what is she doing here early morning. Radhika says today is Anant’s first day of office, so she came to get him and examine about project in transit. Anant requests that she sit while he prepares and strolls to his room. Paresh inquires as to whether she is stunned to think about Anant’s work in her organization and he is certain she didn’t think about it. Radhika says she didn’t or probably she would have educated them. Hema thinks Radhika is lying, so she needs to caution Gehna against her. She takes Gehna to kitchen and inquires as to whether she can’t see Radhika and Kanak planning against her. Gehna says she is embarrassed to figure how might a wedded lady inconvenience another wedded lady, she would not like to get into that earth or probably she can’t contact her fate. Hema asks her not to trifle with Radhika or, in all likelihood Anant will fall into that soil; she probably acknowledged at this point why Radhika employed Anant. Gehna says she confides in Anant and realizes he won’t break her trust; they wedded under abnormal conditions, which implies god made their jodi and Radhika or anybody can’t break it. Hema inquires as to whether she will let her sautan remove her significant other. Gehna says when circumstance gains out of power, she will battle for her right.

Gehna packs Anant’s tiffin and offers it to him. Radhika says Anant would have eaten in office. Gehna says home prepared food is solid and even Radhika should give home prepared food to her significant other when he is around as he told he misses home prepared food. Paresh says Gehna and everybody were adulating Radhika’s significant other. Anant reveals to Radha let us go to office and wishes Gehna good luck for her test. Gehna says thanku. Radhika likewise wishes her and leaves with Anant. Gehna says she will proceed to modify for test. Kanak inquires as to whether she has geology test today. Gehna gestures yes. Kanak messages somebody about it and figures Gehna will be stunned today.


Gehna is occupied with composing test in test corridor when Sagar camouflaged toss duplicate chit before her to trap her. Instructor (without seeing Sagar close to entryway) sees chit and charges Gehna that she is cheating in test and can’t give test. Gehna argues that she didn’t swindle. Sagar calls Kanak and inquires as to whether she can hear how Gehna is arguing. Kanak says Gehna will go to prison and will battle her own case, he should proceed to overstate the issue. Hema seeing Kanak that she certainly has impacted some bomb. Sagar says he will go to head’s office and detonate a greater bomb. He takes head to test lobby where chief orders to call police and Gehna’s family. Gehna argues that she didn’t cheat and knows every one of the appropriate responses. Chief says on the off chance that she saves her today, it would be shamefulness to different understudies. Analyst demands her to call family. Gehna calls Anant, however his telephone isn’t reachable. He takes landline number and educates Bapuji about Gehna cheating in test. Kanak going about as stressed seeing Bapuji strained inquires as to whether something occurred. Bapuji reveals to Baa that he got a call that Gehna cheated in test and threatend to call police. Kanak says police will capture Gehna. Baa says Gehna can’t cheat, some hostile stares have fallen on her. Kanak thinks her hostile stares have fallen on Gehna, she should perceive what she will do straightaway. She discloses to Bapuji that they should go to test corridor first. Paresh requests that Tia be with Baa and races to test setting with Bapuji. Kanak believes Anant’s call isn’t reachable, so Radhika probably accomplished something.



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