Today’s episode starts with Gopi sweating through Jewel’s head, Gopi and then we see the younger daughter-in-law informing Kanak to come and see what is happening to her son check amount Trying to know, but he gets a call from the bank officials that the final amount of the check will remain only a teacher.

Gopi then asks Gora why she is standing in such strong sunlight and what she is doing here but she does not answer anything and says that I am standing here to heat the water which she was lying but she So Kanak and his sister-in-law were punished for doing it there and are trying to guess if Gaura will scatter the beans.

Next we see that Kila asks for Gila because if Gohna is entering the house with us, she too will welcome the house and wants to ask Kanak to do so. Introduced to her family, after meeting her family, Kokila mixes perfume with her family.

Then in the evening all the people gather to cut the birthday cake. Then Gopi remembers and Kokila says that my son is nobody else but my daughter-in-law made in loving memory of my son. Then we see that the law revolves Gopi tells her to run away from there and she goes to the outhouse. Gopi and everyone are eating cake and enjoying the taste of cake.

Saath Nibhaana Sathya 2 19 October 2020 Written Updates

Further, Gehna is looking for Dena but she comes to know that she is not around when Jamuna tells her that she should be tired after working all day. Today we see that Gopi from Out House One gets a look and she realizes that it is her hum and she is shocked to see him there. Finally Kokila comes in there and does the teacher on Prakash and then she cannot see anyone Gopi. He does his killers but no one sees him but finding someone nearby was not so easy.

Gopi tells Kokila about everything and Kokila then goes to the job and says that I hope you are not giving me false hopes and you have full faith though Gopi imagines the jam if she realizes Kokila The story is so she stays silent. We see that Fog is very happy to be involved in a celebration but Kanak destroys her on Monday. Walking makes her words too sad for her and she feels very sad .