Anant asks Radhika that how they will get ready show in one day. Radhika incites him against Gehna. Gehna apologize to Anant and says to him that she might want to help him. He says to her that Radhika will deal with everything.

Radhika requests that Gehna not upset them since they doesn’t have a lot of time to set up the show. She thinks she has duplicate of the show. Gehna says to Hema that she need to cause Sagar to comprehend that he fouled up and she need to carry on rigorously with him.

Following day, Anant understands that he rested and gets some information about Radhika. Radhika comes there and shows show to him saying that she set it up. He gets glad and embraces her. Gehna requests that he eat. Radhika takes him with her maxim that they are getting late for office. They leaves from that point. Kanak insults Gehna. Hema gets some information about Radhika.

Desai family stuns seeing Radhika and Anant.