Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 15 February 2021 Episode Written Updates


Hema chooses to admit that she took Gehna’s gems before Ba. Kanak trusts that this container of Mindy/Obese sheep will push her in difficulty if Ba acknowledges her blame. She advises Sagar to pause and guarantee nobody where the gems is and Hema won’t allow anything to occur and the two of them win the Yoga/Sustainability rivalry and rule over the Desi family. Sagar says his next venture won’t fizzle. Hema inquires as to whether it comes up short. At that point they say they are prepared to bear the discipline. The following morning, Ba sits tight for Gehna with the entire family.

The clock ticks at 10 am as Gakna escaped to disgrace. Gehna strolls down. Hema accompanied a mumble chaply. Watching her walk, Kanak says her wicket is as of now low. Hema says it would seem that she didn’t rest the entire evening. Disregard Kanak Yoga Bahu, she says she will not be Bahu. Hansa requests that Gehna show her actual gems. Ba requests that she demonstrate her honesty. Hiral says he’ll do it in the event that he has verification. Gehna says he has verification and Anant is calling the police. Hema, Hiral and Sagar’s mouth open wide in pressure. Kanak requests that not tense Hama in light of the fact that nobody can discover the area of the real gems. The police have found the area of the jewelery by calling Anant Gehna and they never thought the jewelery would be found there, they will show up at the spot shortly and reality will be out soon. Hema reveals to Kanak that he is terrified and that they are currently caught. Kanak orders Sagar to change area before Anant and the police discover them. Sagar leaves as opposed to having water. Hema inquires as to whether the police will torment them more whenever got. Allow Sagar to conceal the adornments, Kanak says as she contemplates what to do straightaway.


Sagar enters the kitchen and eliminates the gems pack from the AC as opposed to leaping out of the kitchen window and into the room. Anant gets him and maneuvers him into the family. Seeing it, Hema got tense. Asking Anant Hema what she is saying now, she is accusing Gehna, however the guilty party is her Bhaila Sagar. Ba asks how he discovered Sagar.


Going about as though she had called the police to get the genuine cheat, nobody would question them as Sagar stowed away jewelery in her and Bapuji’s room. Gehna will likely leave letters in everybody’s room, and when she doesn’t do the work of calling the police to get a genuine hoodlum, she says it’s a silly arrangement. They need to see whether Sagar is a hoodlum or he did it at somebody’s orders. He demands Sagar. Kanak says they won’t open up along these lines and will start to hit them with shoes reminding Sagar that he has consented to charge them in the event that they are gotten. She cautions Sagar not to take his name, else he would be in much difficulty. She requests that he apologize for Gehna’s repulsive demonstration. Bapuji says his demonstration is currently unpardonable since he once attempted to attack Gehna.

Kanak requests that Hema rebuff Bhaila for her bad behavior. Hema claims to slap him and afterward apologizes to Gehna. Gehna requests that not apologize that Sagar ought to be rebuffed. Ba calls Anant to the police and requests that he give up. Kanak is stressed that she will uncover her name and yell out that she is rebuffing Sagar on the off chance that she is tormented by the police. She pulls him away and pushes him out the entryway. Sagar gazes at her. Anant cautions him to quit watching and get out. As Gehna stops him and strolls to Sagar, he slaps him and requests that Anant take him out at this point. Anant pushes Sagar out and shuts the entryway.


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