Scene starts with Anant reveals to Gehna that she said he adores Radhika to such an extent he should go to Radhika so he took his choice. Jamuna expresses gratitude toward God expecting Anant choosed Radhika over Gehna. Praful gets some information about his choice. Anant says yesterday night he got call from Radhika’s primary care physician so he went to her and became more acquainted with that she had high fever and specialist requested him to remain her to take care from her so he remained with her.

He says she advised him to separate from Gehna so he advised his choice to her. He clarified the significance of union with her and he can’t retreat from his duty now and says despite the fact that it was constrained marriage for him , he can’t slight the ceremonies he performed with Gehna and Radhika feels her affection lost against Gehna. Praful gets glad hearing him and embraces him. Jamuna who came there with sweet dish breaks hearing him.

Praful’s sibling Paresh comes there and takes the sweet dish from Jamuna and eats it. Everybody takes endowments from Paresh. Praful and Jamuna welcomes him. He favors Anant and Gehna as well. He advises Pankaj to keep up his body like Kanak. At that point he advises Jamuna to acknowledge Gehna as her little girl in law. He says he brought this bangle as a present for Gehna and offers it to Anant and advises him to assist his significant other with wearing it. Hema says it truly looks like extravagant one. Gehna takes favors from Paresh. Jamuna leaves from that point.

Paresh says why everybody appears to be miserable and plans trip. He discloses to Anant that he isn’t looking like old Anant and says he needs to converse with him about something. Gehna sees that Jamuna’s hand tormenting however she wonder whether or not to go into the room. Anant unloads Paresh’s gear. Paresh offers toffee to him which Anant used to eat in his youth. Anant cries embracing him. Paresh says he realizes that what he is feeling now and consoles him.

Anant says he advised everything to Radhika yet he couldn’t ready to confront her since she was in so much torment and he can’t deal with himself on the off chance that he saw her like that, at that point. He says he fouled up with her, seeing Praful there he wipes his tears and acts like nothing occurred. Praful says Jamuna was correct and apologize to him saying he didn’t considered him. Anant says Praful need not to apologize to him since he didn’t do anything incorrectly. He says he and Radhika will proceed onward from this torment one day. Kanak holds Gehna’s hand firmly and reproves her.

Gehna requests that she leave her hand saying it’s tormenting. Paresh comes there and asks his tea to Gehna. He tells Kanak, Hema to prepare for trip. Gehna thinks Jamuna isn’t well and discloses to him that she isn’t coming. But Jamuna and Gehna everybody leaves for trip. Paresh says they are going to sanctuary. Gehna offers medication to Jamuna. Jamuna says she favors passing than taking medication from her hand. She says Gehna pulverized Anant’s life and advises her to not go into her room and swoons.

Scene closes.

Precap – Anant discloses to Gehna that she is likewise girl in law of this house like Kanak and Hema so she ought not accomplish everybody’s work.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Cast:

  • Devoleena Bhattacharjee
  • Mohammed Nazim
  • Rupal Patel
  • Sneha Jain
  • Harsh Nagar