Next you see that when Cheri is applying Chanda’s makeup, the kite comes there and its reason is very much missed and she asks him why he has come here. While listening to this, he smiles a lot and suggests her to do Karva Chauth fast when she refuses but he somehow convinces her and realistically says that she will soon accept him as her husband.

Next we see that Coal is selecting Leela when Dulari arrives there and announces that she is absolutely in agreement with the condition of the coal and is sending Ram to her house with Miley.

That we see that the cuckoo smiles and says that she is the first woman to send her husband to other women’s house. Next we give about it. She can not understand the fact that she is giving cuckoo.

She then tells us that she further warns the cuckoo and she does not go to Ram’s Kabir and asks him to make preparations for her reception. We now see that she smiles to the cuckoo, saying that she is always ready to welcome and Ram while Dulari leaves from there.