Chahat embraces Neel as he attempts to persuade her to leave yet she won’t and attempts to quiet him down. She offers Kripa to Neel and they get enthusiastic and frightened simultaneously. They see the clock and hold each other firmly when out of nowhere Chahat pushes Neel and stands in his place. Neel yells at her at her doing however she says that she is bound to kick the bucket today and believes that Ghazala got Kripa abducted so she could reach to her and kill her.

She requests that Neel disappear with Golu however he says that he will accomplish something and if necessary, will kick the bucket for her. Chahat begins crying while Neel says he will discover an answer for this, Chahat sees a streetcar and requests that Neel bring it and discover a few loads comparable to her weight so they can put there and she can get off.

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Air Date: 08 December 2020

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